Interior Designer Charged With Stealing $57,000 From Customers By Jefferson Parish DA

The Jefferson Parish District Attorney’s Office has filed charges against an interior designer accused of taking more than $57,000 from a couple for work she didn’t perform.

Stacy Ivasic, 29, who is also known in some court records as Stacy McClellan, was charged Friday with theft valued at over $25,000.

Ivasic has denied the allegations.

An interior designer who has worked in New Orleans and Nashville was arrested by Jefferson Parish sheriff’s deputies after a local couple accu…

The Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office arrested Ivasic Jan. 3 after investigating a complaint from a couple who hired her company, NOLA Interior Design, to decorate a home they were building in Lafourche Parish, according to authorities.

The Jefferson agency handled the case because the couple was living in a Metairie apartment as they built the home in 2018. Between July and September of that year, the couple, who are both 70, wrote four checks totaling $57,208 to Ivasic for furniture and other services, the Sheriff’s Office said.

Construction was completed in mid-2019, but the couple never received the ordered furniture. They tried to contact Ivasic several times but got no response, the Sheriff’s Office said.

Ivasic has been charged as Stacy McClellan with two counts of felony theft in Tennessee, where she operated Nashville Interior Design and IVA Interior Design and is accused of similar financial crimes, authorities said. Those two charges are still pending, according to Davidson County Court records.

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ICP Is Seeking A Graphic Designer / Photography Intern In New York, NY (Paid Internship)

This paid internship will temporarily support Creative Operations Team at the International Cosmetics & Perfumes, Inc. (ICP). ICP is the exclusive marketer and distributor of luxury fragrances in North America, with a focus on The House of Creed brand.

This role will provide outstanding client service through proactivity, creativity, and organization. We expect all team members to promote and maintain the intrinsic company culture that fosters the firm’s core values of: Transparency, Recognition, Accountability, and Communication.

RESPONSIBILITIES INCLUDE, BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO:Digital & print production design of advertising materials for ICP’s luxury brands including web content, social media, video, mailers, in-store event collateral, and invitations, to support our omni-channel business.Photo & video research for brainstorming to support campaign ideation and collaboration with cross-functional teams, such as E-comm, Social, and PR.Experience with photography, a plus.Assist with photoshoot preparation, prop-shopping, and comping lighting concepts.Ability to support on-set art direction on straightforward shootsMaintain up-to-date and well-organized files on Design Server.Other Ad hoc project support as needed

QUALIFICATIONS:Matriculating undergraduate college student completing their freshman, sophomore or junior year with a focus in a related fieldStrong knowledge of graphic design and interest in advertising.Proficient in Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Microsoft Office, (Premiere + AfterEffects–a plus).Excellent retouching skills.Excellent organizational skills and outstanding attention to detailHas a positive attitude, is approachable and has strong interpersonal skillsAdept communication skills to collaborate with Creative Ops, Marketing, Events, PR, and Ecomm teamsIs resourceful and enthusiastic, with a creative mindsetExcellent written and verbal communication skillsSkilled at successfully organizing, prioritizing, and managing multiple projectsThrives on work in an entrepreneurial, fast-paced environment while being adaptable to changeIs comfortable working with a small team and willing to take on new challenges/opportunities.

This internship will take place in ICP’s NYC headquarters from June 1, 2020 through August 13, 2020. Interns will be expected to work approximately 30 hours per week, Mondays through Thursdays, and will be paid $16.00/hour for all hours worked.

Have you ever had to create designs – even though you aren’t a trained graphic designer?Social media pros often design the creative elements that go with organic posts and paid ads.SEOs might design banner ads and call-outs.Content marketers design featured images and might even whip up their own infographics.Entrepreneurs and business owners might be designing their entire website, etc.

Graphic design is a useful skill for any digital marketer to have in their back pocket.

And it’s possible to create professional-looking designs even if you have no graphic design training.


Here are seven tips to help you, the non-designer, create compelling designs.1. Embrace White Space

When creating a design, the graphics and text tend to get all the attention.

The areas without graphics and text are just as important, and allowing room for your design to breathe is one of the factors that separates amateurish designs from professional ones.

White space (a.K.A., negative space) is the area between and around design elements, and it’s not necessarily white (it can be any color, pattern, or even an image).

The simple rule of thumb is this:

Don’t overcrowd your elements.2. Stick to Two Easy-to-Read Fonts

When it comes to choosing fonts, the most important thing to focus on is readability.

A gorgeous font that is really hard to read does a disservice to your design.

Always opt for crystal clear fonts.

In addition, try to stick to two fonts.

More than that creates chaos; too many fonts will end up making your design difficult to read and make it look like it was created by an amateur.

If you choose two fonts, you can use one for headings and the other for the body text.

Choose a font that aligns with your brand tone/voice.

For example, the font that a fashion boutique might use in their digital marketing is probably vastly different than what a tech company might choose.

No matter what font you choose, you can adjust the kerning, tracking, and leading to allow you more malleability with your designs.3. Always Pay Close Attention to Alignment

Another thing that separates professional-looking designs from amateur ones?


When you’re aligning design elements, never eyeball and guess.

Most design programs will show lines that let you know when your text boxes or graphics are in alignment, or you can toggle grid lines on to see for yourself.

If your program doesn’t have an option to use grid lines, you can still add one.

Upload a vector image of a grid and send it to the back of your design.

Then, when everything’s in alignment, delete the grid.4. Consider the Psychological Impact of Colors

When creating your brand’s color palette, it’s important that they reflect your brand’s tone.

Psychologically, colors evoke different feelings:Blue: trust, safety, security and relaxation.Purple: creativity, abundance, and mystery.Green: wealth, health, and refreshment.Pink: femininity, romance, and youth.Orange: energy and enthusiasm.Yellow: optimism, spontaneity.Red: passion and energy.Black: sophistication, luxury, and power.White: purity and cleanliness.Grey: gravity and professionalism.

It’s important to keep the feelings that your brand’s color palette evokes in mind when creating designs.

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This Minimalist Desert Retreat Creates Views Where None Existed

The desert is a challenging place to build a home. Materials need to be able to handle any condition Mother Nature can throw at them. Scorching heat during the day turns into frigid temperatures at night. While the desert may be arid for most of the year, the rainy season brings flash floods that could devastate any structure unfortunate enough to be in the water’s path. To build here takes unique vision and determination. Luckily for us, the folks at Kendle Design Collaborative gladly meet the challenge head-on and have been turning out desert minimalist homes that are both stunning and strong.

The latest project, Bridge View Residence, faced all of the typical obstacles of a desert build along with a difficult build site. Abutting a desert wash and steep drop-off in the land, the plot didn’t offer many options for creating a beautiful sprawling home. The location also had limited views, and the clients wished to be able to see both the wash and the mountains. The solution that lead architect Brent Kendle came up with was to elevate the main living space and master suite, bridging it over the first floor. Placing the public spaces like the living room and kitchen on the upper floor instantly created the landscape views the clients wanted.

This bridging of the second floor over the first also naturally lent itself to the creation of a minimalist structure. The exterior is made up of bright white block forms and flat roofs accented in deep black. It all keeps the home feeling fresh and contemporary while also maintaining a low profile so as not to obstruct views for surrounding neighbors. While it may not have the dramatic angles of some of Kendle’s other designs, it fits in perfectly with the desert minimalist style we love.

Many times people think minimalist means simple or boring, but Bridge View Residence brings the drama. The grand entry of the home greets guests with a two-story-high cantilevered roof accented by two large steel support beams. Glistening white steps, bordered by a stacked concrete block wall, lead up to the all-glass entrance which glows warmly when lit up at night. The stacked block wall continues to the right of the entry, gently curving around, creating a privacy wall for the backyard which includes a beautifully manicured lawn, outdoor activity areas, a zen-like desert garden, and a swimming pool.

Once inside, the home shows off its high-end style. The light gray concrete blocks from outside continue inside but become a deeper shade of gray and have an added polish. This creates a sharp contrast against the white flooring, ceiling, and pendant lights. Here is where you decide what part of the bridge to explore – go down the stairs to the “support” which leads out to the backyard, or up the stairs to the “bridge” where the kitchen, family room, and master suite offer impressive views of the surrounding landscape.

High ceilings create a feeling of grandeur in the public areas of the home. They also provided an opportunity to put in as many windows as possible, letting in plenty of natural light while framing views of the mountains in the distance. The bright white walls, ceilings, and flooring all help bounce light around the rooms, making them feel even more open and welcoming.

In true minimalist fashion, the furnishings are like pieces of art, carefully placed throughout the home. Sculptural chaise seats in the office are positioned to take in opposing views to the outside, deep blue sofas in the family room are balanced by two white armchairs, and a dramatic fabric and wood headboard defines the master bedroom.

Luxury is the name of the game at Bridge View Residence and high-end touches were added to the design all through the home. The white and gray color palette is contrasted by warm walnut cabinetry in the kitchen, office, and bedroom. A see-through fireplace faces the bespoke bed in the master suite. The spa-like bathroom has a large soaking tub surrounded by white marble on the walls and floor. And it’s all wrapped in a glass-railed balcony that lets you take in the warm desert air and enjoy the views of the wash and mountains beyond.

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